Meeting Interesting People…

The premise technician made the ticket saying, “No sync at network interface device (NID) on left side of house. Please call when clear.” It turns out the newbie prem tech hadn’t done much other than tell the customer, “The outside guy will be here sometime today.” I pulled up in front of the house shortly thereafter.

The customer was waiting for me with smiles on his doorstep. He quickly said, “Thank you for coming so quickly. I need my computer for my work.” I boomed up and replaced the 1940’s wire to the house with something a bit newer. As I was putting a new box on the house, he stood over me and we discussed the upcoming election. I knew I was safe to talk to him about Trump. (It’s a total no no to talk politics with the customer.)

It turns out he’s a research scientist who develops drugs to cure cancer for a major pharmaceutical company in Emeryville. He had immigrated from Iran as a teenager in the 70’s and got his doctorate from John Hopkins. We spoke about how simple minded most Americans are to even thing Donald Trump could be balanced leader. He said, “I’m worried this is Germany 1933 all over again.” I replied, “My feelings exactly my friend.” This too will pass 

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