18 Billion Years Away…

I got home at the usual time last night. Toonce approached me and meowed, “You’re home. I’m hungry.” I picked him up and said, “I’ll feed you but let me check out the stars.” I tried to have him look up but his tummy was growling and he couldn’t care less about the beauty of the night sky. 

Having made a special point of looking up after hearing Sandy Wood of Star Date fame tell her radio audience that the Milky Way would be visable in the night sky, I stood in awe of a faint ribbon directly above me. Toonce meowed, “Ok that’s the night. Now where is my food? Enough of this stuff.” I tried to tell him that another massive galaxy was 18 billion light years away from our Milky Way but he didn’t care. 

As soon as he was finished eating he made his way for the door. He meowed, “Open the door please. I want to enjoy the darkness and those points of light help me see better.” I replied, “I’ll join you for a few minutes.” He quickly jumped up on the hood of the car and watched me as I looked up in the night. I asked him, “Is this all Maya the grand illusion?” He meowed, “Go get some sleep. I’ll come in a bit.” This too will pass

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