Batten Down The Hatches…

The weather people had been saying for the past few days, “This first front of the season will bring us much needed rain and it will help put out that pesky wildfire down in Santa Cruz County.” With that being said, I quickly started to put tarps over the wood we had split and stored things that would be damaged by a heavy downpour. 

I then took off for work yesterday just as the storm clouds started to grow. As I was driving down the hill I said to myself, “That was great timing.” The first mist cleaned off the windshield and as I headed south I didn’t look forward to being forced to putting on my dirty green neon weather gear… I crossed the Richmond-San Rafeal Bridge and looked north, it looked like a summer day.  “Where were all the clouds I had come thru?” I asked myself. 

I turned on the radio just as the weather person said, “I guess it was a case of wishful thinking. The front dissolved and it has become a non-event.” Hopefully California isn’t in for another year of drought. Last year’s rain was so welcome and the overtime for once in a long time became plentiful… Oh well, this too will pass

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