An October Surprise Surprise

The political pundits in the media have been telling their flock of sheep how an October Surprise will shift the election in one direction or another. Will it be an e-mail of Hillary’s telling a staffer that she’s actually a transgender man or will it be Trump’s online diary writing, “This election will be huge for my name brand and I’ve ordered the neon sign to be place on The White House’s roof?” No, I think Mother Nature’s October Surprise will be Hurricane Matthew hitting head onto Florida.

Hurricane Matthew is inflicting much suffering on Haiti and Cuba but soon it will once again intensify over the warm waters off of Florida before it comes onshore. Florida is a swing state and this might swing the election way beyond expectations. Will The Donald say, “I know there has been much suffering in Florida. I’m taking a big loss on my vast and huge property holdings down there. I might have to declare bankruptcy for the 7th time.”

Something is going to happen and it won’t be pretty. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is the be all and end all of things. Hurricane winds of 145 miles and hour and storm surges will level any sort of playing field. You know it’s coming and there is nothing the residents of Florida can do but wait to see how things turn out. Trump will show up first on scene with token food baskets in hand. For him, it’s all just a photo op and without fail, he’ll tell the crowd that Hillary doesn’t care enough to show up. It might all backfire on him… This too will pass

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