Cheap vs. Costly

The property owner of house below used an unlicensed contractor who promised to do his remodel job for a super low price. Everything was going fine until the no name truck came to pick up their container in the property owner’s driveway. The driver forgot to lower the boom of his truck as he was exiting the property. 

The property owner yelled out frantically, “Stop! Stop! You’re caught up in the wires! Stop!” It was the third stop before the driver realized that he hadn’t lowered his boom and he was entangled in our cable. He knew this was trouble, so rather than stopping and calling us to untangle him, he sped away ripping and snapping our high tension strand.

Let’s calculate the damages. Replacing the 150 foot section of cable, at 30 dollars a foot for the cable alone, 4500 dollars. The metal strand, who knows how much that costs but it isn’t cheap? The tree trimming service to clear a path for our cable go thru the dense thicket of trees, well that isn’t cheap either. Finally the hours to splice the new cable, that certainly isn’t cheap. No the property owner will really wish he didn’t use a cheap contractor when he gets our bill… This too will pass

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