I Left My Heart In…

After the two hour commute into Oakland this morning, I’m missing San Francisco even more than ever. The I-80 corridor lately has become a gridlocked freeway from 5am thru 8pm. I know what you’re saying, the grass in always greener on the other side but how I wished I had never transferred out to this side of the bay…

I’m tired of the poverty and graffiti in Oakland. Sure, there are nice parts of the city, but on the whole, it’s a hole. The Street of Oakland have become one big tent city with all the filth that goes with them. I stopped at a traffic light and two separate panhandlers came up to the car and put their hands out. I refused to roll down the window, I can barely feed my own son who is homeless… 

There are a lot of homeless living in San Francisco too. Golden Gate Park at night has become an unofficial Kampground of America for the homeless and I just heard that a person needs to earn 156,000 dollars to be able to live in the City by The Bay… Okay, I think I’ll just be happy where I am… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “I Left My Heart In…

  1. That’s the conundrum isn’t it. Oakland and SF are beautiful but would I want to live there? Hell no. LOL. The homeless situation is awful and I don’t trust walking around Oakland with my camera. So many thefts! I guess if I were rich, perhaps I’d live in the SF Marina in a little cocoon, staying along the edge of the coast taking pictures. But still….gotta go to the store and what a hassle! I like being able to run down to the store without a hassle. Although the freeways here are bad now too. Fortunately I’m retired and don’t have to go during commute times. Usually.

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