We Need More Money…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has sent out a company wide memo stating, “Recovering losses caused by others actions is important.” On Sunday, I was sent out on a typical trouble ticket where our customer had lost service. After diagnosing the problem, I determined a squirrel had chewed their drop wire to their house. Within 60 minutes they were happily back up in service.

On Monday I walked into John’s office and was told, “Why Juan Why?” I asked, “Now what did I do wrong?” He went on to say how I had used a close out code that required a damage claim.” I tried to explain how a squirrel had chewed the wire and no person nor company was responsible for the damage but the computer had been looking for sensitive words such as damaged, vandalized or cut and I had input the word cut in the narrative..

I tried to explain how I had also moved the customer from a less powerful card port to a high powered port. (In the business the term is to cut them to a different port.) He didn’t want to hear that and for my error in verbiage, I was told to make up a damage claim with a photo of the damage. When the digital form asked for responsible party, I entered Rocky J. Squirrel. Total madness! This too will pass

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