Bible Day 2016…

Today is Bring Your Bible To School Day and evidentially it’s your duty to share the Word of God with those around you. How about if we say you did but you don’t? Wouldn’t it be nice if you just practiced what your good book preaches and who came up with such a bogus day? I mean really, aren’t there enough religious zealots in the world lately..?

If Islamic followers decided to have a special day to bring there good book onto campus, I can only imagine what the reaction would be. Christians would be screaming, “Go back to where you came from! This is America where only Christian values apply!” The truth is, our Founding Fathers tried to form a government where they kept religion out of the mix but the uneducated think differently. 

I’m not against The Bible but please keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear how Christ said, “Only by me can one go to the Kingdom of My Father.” That was then and this is now. Yes, maybe when he was living, it was the way but 2000 years later, no one is going to tell me the only way to salvation is being a Christian. If Jesus was living today, he’d probably say, “Can’t we all just get along for my sake…” This too will pass

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