Hurricane Matthew…

Late last night I received a voice mail from a blocked number, I knew who it was the minute I saw the words No ID. “Hi dad, it’s me Matt. I’m doing okay. I’m living on the grass in front of the San Diego Convention Center. Hey can you put 30 in my account for food and living?” What could I do other than do what he asked? It bothers me to no end to know my son, who had so much promise when he was young, is a homeless guy living on the streets. 

A study was recently done and its findings put the fear of God in me. It seems in California, there’s a great divide between the super wealthy and the poor and the middle class, well they’re dwindling away. Yesterday as Rob and I drove into work, we passed a homeless encampment complete with a American Flag waving from a vertical twenty foot length of salvaged 2 by 4. A few blocks down the road we encountered another camp and someone had painted on a sheet of found plywood, “Proud To Be An American!” 

Has America become India 2.0? Will a waste water project be halted because homeless families have taken up residency in the stacked concrete culvert sections as they do in India? Something is going on in this country and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get better before it gets much worse. I really don’t know if we can blame it’s on mental illness, abuse or just bad life choices? They say we have a social safety net in this country but it looks as if it’s ready to rip open at the seams… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew…

  1. Definitely going to get worse. This has been the plan all along. America is over, at least for the values we used to stand for. We are a joke and rightly so. The government has been taken over by the 1% and corporations. The middle class is being eliminated and the rich just pass laws that allow them to get more while everyone else gets less. Seriously, it’s over. Unless there is a revolution, we’re done here.

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