Angry People and Waves…

Why do people feel the need to add human attributes to natural events. Yesterday afternoon while hearing the news reports on the hurricane heading towards Florida, a news person say, “The winds are gusting and waves are angry.” I’m sorry, waves can smash and crash but angry they can’t be. 

So I’m working on a peaceful street in the Berkeley Hills, minding my business, when I hear a man start yelling, “If he wants his money then he can just ask me without playing this game! Steve, I showed him the risk model…” The guy must have been talking on the phone because I heard no one respond. A moment later, I hear a crash of glass as if the enraged man had thrown a glass against a wall.

Would I want to be in Florida right now? No but certainly I wouldn’t want to be around that guy yelling and throwing stuff because I believe he’d be more unpredictable than a ocean full of waves. People get angry, waves break upon the shore. I know this is a silly post but my mind works this way. I try to make sense of things that sometimes makes no sense at all… This too will pass

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