Clown Terror…

“Be on the lookout for evil clowns! They’re coming to get our children.” That’s the newest threat we are being alerted to, as if we don’t have enough to be worried about. Don’t worry about a container ship coming into an American port with a thermonuclear weapon in a container or a Jihad inspired moron who walks in blasting at a movie theater, no you must worry about a clown attack… When I heard this on the news I said to myself, “What will be next? A tiny clown car being detonated after an IED is found in its trunk…”

No one likes clowns, they were of a time when life was simpler. Clowns are just creepy, ask John Wayne Gacy. Wait you can’t, they executed him after it was discovered that he killed many young men and he would dress up as Popo The Clown. Hmmm, maybe clowns aren’t so innocent? This too will pass

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