Florida Here We Come…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has put out the call for volunteers to go to help in the recovery in Florida. Should Hurricane Matthew hit with full force there will be few to no utility poles left standing after the event. The Company loves to show how civically concerned they are but it’s nothing but PR. They’ll roll out their mobile cell site trailers so people can use company provided phones to call their loved ones. Big deal…

The last time Hurricane Katrina hit, a handful of technicians were sent to Louisiana by plane and their trucks were rail shipped. My seniority was too low to be part of the experience. The two guys who got to go now have retired and maybe with nearly 36 years of seniority, I might get a chance to go. 

The main goal will be to restore the cell towers and the fiber loops, everything else is secondary. Nothing like this ever happens on the left coast, sure we get wildfires and minor earthquakes but never any storms like what is about to hit Florida. It’s 73 degrees at 6:54pm as I type this, tee shirt weather… This too will pass

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