“When You’re a Star, You Can Do Anything To Women.” 

Donald Trump now says it was just locker room talk when he bragged about how he could get women to have sex with him because of his fame and wealth. I don’t remember a video of Baraak Obama saying such a thing surfacing a month prior to the 2008 election! If it had, it would have been like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles saying, “Where the white women at?”  

Don’t worry The Donald says he’s not like that anymore. I guess he no longer refers to women anymore as fat pigs. Can you imagine him meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel? I could actually see him saying to his staff, “I wouldn’t do her even if she lost a lot of weight. She’s a pig” 

I swear, if this narcissisti gets elected, we’re doomed. Even the leadership of the Republican Party have all but disassociated themselves from Trump, well except for his two lap dogs Chris Christie and Rudy Guillani. Those two brown nosers will defend his words by saying, “Boys will be boys and he’s really really sorry.” This too will pass

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