I Love It…

The wheels are finally falling off the Trump Bus and the only person to blame for this total meltdown is Donald J. Trump. Now another equally damning tape of him discussing his daughter’s physical appearance has surfaced. What was it he said, “She’s a nice piece of a**.” What father says that about his daughter? 

Okay, I was wrong when I thought Hurricane Matthew was going to be the October Surprise, it turns out Trump’s disgusting mouth hopefully has done him in… Let me say this, if I ever said anything like this at work, I’d be sitting down with management and a couple of union stewards begging to keep my job. That’s one thing The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is dead on, sexual harassment. For as many years as I’ve worked there, that is one totally taboo subject.

Trump said, you can do anything you want to women when you have power and fame. Yeah, that’s the kind of moron we want in power. Sure his base of uneducated white men, still think he’s just the man we need in The White House. They’ll dismiss his behavior as a testosterone thing and when you’re a star like The Donald is, I guess you can just grab women by their… Who says that sort of thing? This too will pass

7 thoughts on “I Love It…

  1. It sickens me that he has been making remarks about his daughter’s bodies since they were babies. His remarks and actions about and toward Ivanka creep me out. My grandfather was a child molester so…

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  2. I like your post. I’m working up to anger, but right now I’m still too shocked that anyone could continue to support him. In my latest post I wanted to praise women for coming forward and talking about assault. Hopefully, healing can come from this moment in history. Good post!

    Here’s my latest post which really doesn’t get into much of the political stuff, but it does touch on his statements.


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