American Beer…

Budweiser is doing their part in geting their beer drinkers into the spirit of being a proud American. Their latest product is a beer named America. I happened on this empty can of America and laughed when I saw such sayings as “Home of The Brave and Free” and “Freedom and Justice for All!” In the background keywords circled the can in light gray lettering: Liberty and Happiness…

I guess after you’ve had a case of America, it really doesn’t matter what the constitution says. “First Amendment and Second Amendment, you don’t know me! I’m an American damn it!” Maybe the beer company advertising department think an inebriated customer is a perfect audience for their newest products, Independence Ale, Freedom Draft Beer and Hero Light Beer.

This country is imploding in on itself and we are now being sold beer named America. Whatever happened to corporate standards, wait. Did I just say that? There are no standards when it comes corporations making money. This too will pass

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