Now He’s Really Really Sorry…

He wasn’t sorry when he was grabbing his victims and he sure didn’t sound sorry when he was describing his actions on board the bus. I wonder when he became truly sorry for his behavior? Oh that’s right, he’s sorry right now in the final month of the campaign. Yes, I bet this narcissistic jerk is incredibly sorry. 

It’s said narcissists hate themselves so much that they sabotage their lives. I wonder if The Donald did it to himself? I doubt it, he’s just a real jerk. He was the cock of the walk just a few months ago but it seems his goose is finally cooked. I really believe this was the perfect October Surprise and the funny thing is, he never saw it coming. 

Mr. Trump personifies the old attitude that women are possessions to be owned. This attitude must be cast off… As hard as it is to say, after this revelation, any woman who votes from him reminds me of women who return to there abusers because, “He’s changed.” Tigers don’t change their stripes. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Now He’s Really Really Sorry…

  1. Re:

    “It’s said narcissists hate themselves so much that they sabotage their lives.”

    This is what I’ve heard. I’ve also read that narcissists don’t think of it as sabotage because they are self-deceived to believe that they have control of what others think and do.

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  2. Now that he is no longer “shackled” he won’t need to feign regret for his bigotry misogyny bullying or desire to rule the world.


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