They Were Only Words… Ya Right…

With no work in the pool and time to kill, I hopped into Rob’s air-conditioned truck and we heard the whole debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think Hillary said it best when she said, “Ya know of all the people I’ve run against, I’ve never questioned their moral ability to do the job but with you Donald I do.” That only shut that loud mouth guy up for a few seconds.

Endlessly, he kept interrupting Mrs. Clinton until the moderators had to say, “Please stop interrupting her. She didn’t interrupt you when it was your turn.” The Donald is also such a whiner. He kept saying, “Oh, I get cut off and she doesn’t. That’s not fair but what do you expect?” The truth is he spoke for more time during the 90 minute time period. 

I find it amazing that Trump had the gall to defend his foul mouth conversation with Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush by saying, “They were only words. That’s all folks. Words.” What a piece of work Mr. Trump is, “I’m sorry if I offended anyone but Mrs. Clinton’s husband did much worse.” The instant polls say Hillary won the debate and maybe this will seal the deal. Hillary Clinton, 45th President of The United States of America sounds great to me.. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “They Were Only Words… Ya Right…

      • Actually, when I was in high school my brother wouldn’t let me date his friends. He told me that he knows how they talk about girls in the locker room Hopefully, times have changed. I remember the days of high school “gang bangs” where a group of guys would have sex with a willing girl. Usually, she was homely and unpopular. So very sad!

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