And The Journey Continues…

As many of you know, a few years ago I got tired of being a home owner. I had had enough of property taxes and a worn out septic system and other things about that house. One day, I said to myself, “I’m done. I’m selling this place.” My first goal was to get rid of all the things I had accumulated. A few garage sales took care of that problem and I didn’t mind getting rid of the stuff because the it was just that, stuff. I felt so liberated not being tied down with all those collected items.

I then called the real estate lady who had sold my father the house and got things underway. A few short months later, I was turning the keys over to the new owners. I wished them as much happiness as I had in the house. They had made it difficult for me when it came to the price and terms but little did they know the evil ghost that owned the house was now their problem. 

I remember the day I last walked thru the house, I called out to the ghost, “Behave yourself and don’t start up right away.” The new owner called out to me as I got into my RV, “Where ya heading Juan?” I replied, “I actually don’t know.”The truth was, I hadn’t a clue where I was going. The first night I parked the RV on the side of Petaluma Hill Road and said to myself, “What have you done?” I don’t even remember how I landed here at The Firewood Temple but here I am. When it’s time to move on, I will. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “And The Journey Continues…

  1. I have a good friend who did that with his son. He sold his beautiful 3500 sq ft house and took off for a 25,000 mile cross country road trip. About 6 months later he landed in Santa Fe NM. And is still there. He loved it while he did it, and wanted me to join him at one point. It’s not the life for me but I totally get it.

    Downsizing was good for me though. To a house 1/3 the size and less than half the stuff. Enjoy. It’s good to follow your heart.


  2. Wow! I am really curious about the ghost! Was there really a ghost in the house?! That is scary stuff! Or was it a metaphor? 🙂
    Do you rent the land where you are staying now, or have you bought it? Or have you simply taken a piece of land for yourself like the first Europeans who travelled out West? Really curious how it works in the US with the land, I suppose you would have to rent or buy… 🙂

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