Bye Bye Sun…

The days are getting shorter and now the rush is on to get as much work done while the sun is up. I was dispatched to help Mike run a drop wire up in the Oakland Hills. As we were going about our job I would yell down to him, “Mike we have less than an hour before it’s dark.” Then the sun went down and instantly things got harder.

Mike being new has never done this job in the wintertime and he doesn’t look forward to the coming short days. I told him, “The trick is to keep your  flashlights and headlamps at the ready with new batteries.” He might go out on disability due to his arthritic knees, hips and shoulders. I don’t blame him in the least, this job get much harder in the dark. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Sun…

  1. Krista Kemp (AKA From Food Stamps to a Future) has asked me to participate in a 3 quotes for 3 days Challenge! Each day I must also ask 3 people to participate!

    I nominated you to join in th fun!!

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