News That’s Incredibly Important…

The most important news always is up first. Billy Bush’s future in television took front row center this week after his voice was heard on that now infamous sex talk tape. Now that’s important stuff, forget about the hundreds of people who were washed away as Hurricane Matthew passed thru Haiti. I mean what’s a couple hundred people to the career of a silver spooned Bush family member?

Way in the back of the newspaper is Aleppo. You know Aleppo Syria, the one Libertarian Gary Johnson had no clue of. The city looks like Warsaw Poland at the end of World War II. Thousand have died at the hands of Assad, ISIL and Russian war planes but who really cares? That’s way over there and a lot of us weren’t paying attention in geography class anyway, so does it matter?

Finally, a couple of drone type missiles were fired at two of our naval ships off of Yeman. That means our terrorist enemy now has the capability to fire missiles at us. That’s really not good but not as important as to who will now co-host the third hour of NBC’s Today Show now that Billy has moved on… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “News That’s Incredibly Important…

  1. I am SO SICK of the news talking nonstop about this. YES, what about all the other things going on in the world. I’ve heard NOTHING about the hurricane and only about Trump this and Trump that. And yes what about N. Korea…that crackpot. We are an abomination!

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