People I’m Getting Sick of Seeing…

Here is a short one person list of people who I wish would just go away. I don’t wish them harm but why can’t they just disappear? Kelly Ann Conway, she’s Donald Trump’s spokesperson and if I hear her make another excuse for that guy, I think I’m going to lose it. He makes another one of his patented sexual remarks and there she is defending him, “Yes Mr. Trump did say his daughter had a fine ***  and yes he would date her but he said it in a very loving way only a loving father would say!”

The Donald then admits to sexually harassing women or as he says, “Make a move on her like a bit**” and she has the gall to say, “Oh that was just locker room talk.” I’m surprised she hasn’t said, “The bit** deserved it and she barely met Donald’s high standards in women anyway.”

Ms. Conway is a total fake and you can tell by how she smiles the moment the camera is on her. She rather creepy too if you ask me but there are uneducated men, Mr. Trump’s base,  who sit there watching Fox News and say, “Why that woman is so intelligent and pretty too.” I truly hope that after this election, Ms. Conway slithers back under the rock she came from. Too harsh? I really can’t believe any woman would defend a guy like that, really… This too will pass

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