Rain… I Love It

 I laid here for quite sometime and thought, “There’s got to be something you can write about that will make people feel good. Sunsets, kittens and flowers have all been covered by other blogs.” Toonce let out a meow as if to say, “I’m trying to sleep here and I wish you would be asleep at this early hour too.” 

The start of the rainy season is fast approaching, tomorrow the weather people say we will get a pretty good rainstorm. Lord knows we need it and thankfully the 2016 Fire Season will be just a memory. Greg will finally store his bulldozer away till next summer when without a doubt, he’ll get the call to head to another wildfire. 

The first rain is truly wonderful and with it comes the smell of clean air. It’s as if every blade of grass has been rinsed off and dried with a warm towel. The trees silently call out, “Boy does that feel great!” I don’t know if Toonce likes it. He puts up with it and this year I’m making modifications so he can get into the RV when I’m at work. It will be a good winter! This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Rain… I Love It

  1. I love rain too.
    Got a lot of rain here lately and it’s just now starting to get cool and the leaves are beginning to change colors.
    Whew! Thank god!
    I was getting worried that there will be no fall here! Been really hot for a while there. Got myself heat exhaustion when I was working not too long ago.


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