The Deep Waters…

I’m trying really hard to come up with a catchy song in honor of Mr. Trump’s octopus like behavior but I’m not a poet…

 “Who would have thunk that such a powerful man such as Trump could totally only blame himself for being totally sunk.”

Well maybe it needs a little more work. I woke up to news that even more women have spoken up as to Mr. Trump’s octopus like behavior.  Talk about a man who can’t keep his tentacles to himself. Yes, some of these events happened years ago but it’s his own admission that sinks his boat…

Im going to say it again, if you’re a woman who’s been groped, fondled, touched or kissed inappropriately then you know what it feels like and who in their right mind would cast their vote for Donald The Octopus? When he was doing it, he felt like a powerful cephalopod, now he’s coming off as a poor little fish trapped by media’s giant net of lies. This too will pass

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