Bowling For Pulse Nightclub…

I got the chance to see Micheal Moore’s classic movie Bowling for Columbine again last night. We all know that the gun lobby and others say a lot of bad things about Micheal Moore. He tells the truth but no one wants to hear the truth. Most people want to believe the Big Lie because they can put their brain in idle and just coast. 

I’m not against gun ownership but aren’t there enough guns in America? The other night, anxiety filled Ed listed off the guns he owns and then he added, “Juan, if Hillary gets in she’ll try to get my guns.” I tried to reason with him but he didn’t want to listen to reason, one of his radio stations has told him otherwise.

I find it interesting that President Obama had 8 years to take our guns away and now there are even more guns in America. We have people walking around with open carry guns on their hips with pride and somehow still we have mass shootings. Who said this, “If there had been guns allowed in that nightclub in Orlando, the gunman wouldn’t have killed so many.” Yeah just what was needed in a dark and dimly lite nightclub, a bunch of people firing weapons. It just doesn’t make sense. This too will pass

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