By now you’ve heard the radio ads for Taco Bell’s dollar meals. Have we as a nation lowered our expectations in life to thinking a meal from Taco Bell is decadent? Taco Bell maybe filling when you’re hungry but a decadent pleasure? Eating Godiva Ice Cream might be decadent, eating Taco Bell not so much…

I guess our society has been dumbed down to believe that eating Taco Bell ranks the same as renting The Presidential Suite at The Fairmont Hotel for the night. Who in their right mind believes this stuff?

I suppose we are officially a country of sheep to be herded. Maybe the massive conglomerates are throwing us food to keep us going and working another day. Do you think the CEO of Taco Bell eats his company’s product? I truly doubt it and he certainly wouldn’t feed his family that crap. Maybe my definition of decadence is different than those hawking this stuff. This too will pass

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