A Real Victim…

Have pity on Donald J. Trump! Can you imagine how he feels after hearing of all those women coming forward to tell their stories? I bet he’s tired of hearing how he moved on them like a bi*ch… I wonder where they came up with such a disgusting phrase? Poor innocent Donald, a victim of his uncontrollable lust and wanting. He’s just a man who can’t control his urges to kiss and grope women.

Maybe his rich daddy never taught the lad to keep his hands to himself. Isn’t it true what they say about when you’re wealthy, you feel entitled and thus you can do anything you want to anyone? No wonder he bragged, “When you’re a star, they let you do that to them. You just grab them by the….” I say it’s his father’s fault for not setting boundaries at such an impressionable age of 59.

Donald is truly a victim of being raised in a mansion with parents who just pawned him off to his Hispanic nanny and housekeeper. Please don’t be upset with him when he puts his hand up your dress, he just doesn’t know better. Donald wasn’t raised like you or me. His father probably used to say to him, “Master Donald, you just grab them and someday you might get to be President of this great country.” This too will pass

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