The Mud, The Blood sans The Beer…

I took the my own dare as to driving down the muddy road to the RV last night. It had rained quite a bit for the past two days but I said to myself, “You’ll be fine and tomorrow you’ll simply turn around and go right back up the hill and go to work.” The second, and I mean the second, I opened the door and got out, I lost my balance and fell down into mud.

Toonce gingerly walked over to me and meowed, “I’m hungry. Why are you laying in this wet stuff?” He kept meowing at me while I diagnosed myself to see if I was injured, I wasn’t. The open car door supported me as I climbed back to a vertical position. I asked Toonce, “Did you stay dry thru all this wetness buddy?” That’s when I noticed that the side door of the RV had shut. “You poor cat.” I said.

He kept meowing, “I tried to tell you the door shut and I couldn’t get back to my bowls. I’m starving. I’m skin and bones here!” I removed my clothes outside and opened the door to let my friend in. He made his way for his kibble as I turned on the water heater switch. Isn’t it at this point where in the movies the guy opens the refrigerator door and pops open a beer? I don’t drink but if I had, that would have been the perfect time to do so. This too will pass 

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