The whole shift was one big fight to stay dry and by the end of the day I had totally lost the battle. Even my clothes underneath my rain gear were drenched, my water proof boots were of little help keeping my socks dry, it was miserable. It rained constantly from 10am till 9pm which is rare here but what seemed weirder was the rain, it had a bath water feel to it. If this isn’t global warming, I don’t know what is…

I jumped into the car and headed home to see if Toonce had weathered the storm. He’s a smart cat and of course he had. He meowed, “You really should stay in and stay dry. I’m hungry.” I asked, “How was your day buddy? It looks as if you stayed dry.” He didn’t answer until his supper was done. What did mom say about talking when your mouth is full?

Now usually after dinner he makes his way to the door but he knew it was wet out so he kept me company. He watched me as I disrobed. He meowed, “Your fur is wet.” “I know Mr. Toonce. How was dinner?” He meowed, “Filling. Take a shower and I’ll lay on you in  the most inconvenient way.” Folks, that was my Sunday… This too will pass

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