Minister of Propaganda…

I really think Rudy Guillani has lost it or he so much wants to be made Attorney General in a Trump Administration. When he was questioned by reporter Jake Tapper as to the nine women who have come forward to say they were groped by Octty Trump, he said, “Donald said it didn’t happen and I believe him.” Now that’s a prosecutor I want sitting opposite my defense attorney at my trial.  

I doubt Loyal Rudy will say enough is enough “Mr. Guillani, There’s  been a tape released showing Mr. Trump actually assaulting a woman and he’s laughing as he narrates it and the video has been sound authenticated.” “Oh Jake, it’s a fake and this election is rigged by The Media!” Should Trump somehow be elected, Rudy will be crowned Reichfurher of Propaganda, he’d lied hard for it. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Minister of Propaganda…

  1. I’m embarrassed to say that there was a time, when he was mayor of NYC that I actually liked him (of course I was working in the city at the time). Now, he clearly has lost his mind, he’s actually almost a cartoon figure to be laughed at. He, Chris Christie and Trump need to just go away. They have made a mockery of our political system for all the world to see…they are an embarrassment.

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