Now It Gets Rough…

With the recent 3 inches of partly cloudy that hit the San Francisco Bay Area, though I think it was more; the work level has gone out of control. I received the text on my company phone saying, “All overtime approved. Please Please pick up another ticket.” You see water and electricity don’t mix and we had a lot of rain over the last three days.

Late in the day another text showed up, “All volunteers picked up Tuesday and Wednesday.” Tens of thousands of people are without service in the Bay Area and hundreds in Oakland alone. Most of the trouble will clear as soon as the expected warm weather arrives and dries out the cable, some won’t.

Water finds it’s level and tends to make it’s way in thru the smallest crack or squirrel chew. This is when our friends, the squirrels, helps us keep our jobs. If it wasn’t for the damage they do, The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s work force would be much smaller.   I’m going to make hay while the sun shines when it comes to overtime. I’ll get up early and get back late and not do much more than sleep and work… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Now It Gets Rough…

  1. Sleep and work. That’s what I had been doing. Now it’s all over. No more work, yippee! Now I am focusing on more unpacking , washing down every piece of furniture, putting up mirrors, pictures and all that!

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