This Is Why I Have A Tummy…

Oh Mister Bearclaw, why are you so tasty with your almondy tastiness! This morning, I came down off the mountain looking for something to eat. You might say I was your typical bear looking for anything to stop my tummy from growling…

A guy in a big pick-up truck towing a bouncing trailer down the road but with all the noise he didn’t realize he was dropping lengths of conduit off his truck. I felt it my duty as an electrician of sorts to chase him down and tell him of his losses. After a half mile, I pulled next to him and said, “You’ve lost at least 10 lengths of half inch man!” He screamed out, “Damn!” I being in the turn only lane, was forced to turn. 

Maybe it was meant to be or just me turning onto a street I rarely travel on but there it was, Scandia Bakery. I walked in and the scent of almond paste filled the air. I’m a sucker for almond paste. I said to myself, “You need to forget how you got here or you’ll be dead from diabetes in a week.” Well I’m planned my funeral as I enjoyed this Bearclaw… This too will pass

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