Things were going just fine until my last job. The trouble ticket read, “No dialtone. Verify good to garage terminal.” I called the customer for access to the building but all I got was her voicemail. I waited in front of the apartment building until someone let me in. Finally a nice man said, “You’re with The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company! Go thru that door but don’t let it lock behind you.” He then disappeared into the elevator just as the tiny block holding the door open slipped, it was at that moment I realized I was locked in a cage and no one was going to let me out. 

I began to look for the switch that would operate the metal grate garage door but there was none to be found. When I saw the sign saying, “Long term car storage area. Please give management 24 hours to retrieve your car.” I said to myself, “This could take a while.” I steeled my resolve for a long wait ahead of me. I reminded myself, “If worse comes to worse I have a bunch of screwdrivers and pliers and I could trick the switch on the garage door opener. Always cut the black wire…

I called the duty supervisor and got his voicemail but what could he have done? He lives 40 miles east in Brentwood. I continued to look around and noticed all the stored cars had a thick layer of dust on them, not good. Finally after forty-five minutes a man showed up and said, “You must have let that block of wood slip.” He pressed his remote which opened the gate. I thanked him for un-caging me. For my suffering I’m killing time at this Starbucks… This too will pass

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