Recently a 24 year old man told his parents, “Mom and Dad. I’ve decided to go to school in New York.” Instead he hopped on a flight to Turkey and then made his way into Syria to fight for ISIS. Not being well trained, he was killed almost immediately. A few weeks layer his parents received a letter saying he had died and he was with God now. The U.S Attorney General has charged some other moron with helping this guy get to Syria and hooking him up with ISIL. 
Here’s what I don’t get, these two guys met on Facebook and they made their plans using Facebook. Why didn’t Facebook’s cyber security force, and don’t think for a second they don’t have one, tell our Homeland Security that plans were in the making? Did the plotters use pig Latin? “Icks snay on the ISIL trip ey.” Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me Facebook can’t pick out key words: fight for-ey, Syria-ey, jihad fighter-ey.

You might think I’m full of it but those who lead us need the perennial boogeyman to keep us in fear. If the government wanted each and every terrorist in the making captured, they would. Our cyber security forces would make sure any talk of trips to Turkey or the mentions of dying for a greater cause-eh or death to America-tay would be dealt with. No we need to be kept in fear so we can be controlled that much easier and this goes way above The White House, it goes to those who really run the country. O-Tay, I’m done-ey… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “O-tay…

  1. You are absolutely right, Facebook certainly has the means to recognize this sort of thing. If they can target you with advertisements then they can find key words in their users posts. Like you said, the goal is to keep us in fear.

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