Two Bucks a Pack…

The big tobacco companies are trying to defeat proposition 56 on California’s ballot. If this measure passes, a two dollar tax on cigarettes would be imposed and they certainly don’t want that. If I have to hear the voice of that young smarmy woman saying, “Check the facts for yourself! Vote no on 56.” I swear, I’m going to lose it. The problem is, I’ve faced the fact that it will go down to defeat because if you say something over and over, people will believe it.

A new Vote No on 56 ad is out. This time it’s a woman with a stern voice using the word “Rigged” in her plea not to let the special interests funnel our tax monies from our children. “None of the things that California needs will be addressed should 56 pass.” Now she’s really stretching it. Is she saying if 56 passes, nuns carrying blind babies will not be able to walk down the streets safely? I better vote no because everything is rigged though she never quite tells us how the ballot proposition is being rigged. All I know is, you special interest people, keep your hands out of my wallet! This too will pass

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