I’m Tired…

I walked into work today just to hear John quizzing me, “Why Juan Why?!” The other day when it was pouring cats and dogs, I spent the entire day down in that manhole trying to keep the water out of the hole while trying to dry a water logged splice case. For most of the day I felt as if I was in the final scene of Das Boat. I kept yelling up to the guy above me, “Turn the pump back on, it’s flooding!”

As I was closing up the case, I didn’t notice a tiny piece of sealing cord had come loose. I put the 20 bolts in the case and yet as soon as the manhole filled up again with water, it leaked. The water in turn knocked out the hi-cap cell tower repeaters which gets people cranky. I tried to explain to him the conditions I was working under but he didn’t want to hear it.

By the end of Sunday, I was water soaked and filthy with mud and rust… I nearly lost it on him today but I just took his verbal beat down. I made 85 dollars an hour that day for a total of 10 hours so it all wasn’t a waste… This too will pass

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