The Grinch Who Stole 2016…

If you missed the final presidential debate, it was more of the same from The Donald. While it was obvious Secretary Clinton had worked on her economic and foriegn affairs positions, The Donald had worked on finding another way of taking this election to a new low. When asked by Chris Wallace whether he would accept the outcome of the election, he refused to say he would… Mr. Trump aka “Mr. I’m Being Treated So Unfair” has without question made a mockery of this country’s election system.

Earlier in the debate, Mr. Trump had to throw red meat to his base of rabid old white men supporters by saying,”Two days, one day before the birth of a baby, they can rip the fetus out of the mother’s womb.” Seriously? No one does that and without fail, he had to add his of trademarked phrases into his responses: it’s a disaster, she’s crooked and they’re lies. 

Speaking of lies, when “Octopus Trump” was questioned about the women who have accused him of pawing and groping them, he did what any abuser would do, deny it. “Lies I tell you. They are either working for her or want their 10 minutes of fame.” You see it’s the victims who are at fault in his case. Forget what he told Billy Bush on the Access Hollywood bus. 

Yes, “The Spoiled One” has taken his campaign to a level one step below rancid vegetables in a refrigerator. You might have eaten them when that turnip first showed up but now you need a latex gloves to toss it in the garbage. Speaking of eating turnips, Trump looked like Jim Carrey in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas eating his dinner of turnips. If you turned down the sound, I swear I could hear that famous voice singing, “You’re a bad one Mr. Trump… He stinks stank stunk.” This too will pass

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