Fall Into Sonoma…

Without a doubt it’s Fall here. The temps are in the chilly fifties at night and the morning air seems crisp yet clean. It’s so different where I spend most of my working day in Oakland. Yesterday, As I was waiting for the light to change near one of the many homeless encampments throughout West Oakland, I thought to myself,  “Please don’t let me end up like that.” I’m terrible with money so this might be my fate but I put my faith in The Cosmic Consciousness. Right then, a man with no shirt came up to my truck window and asked me if I had any rope I could give him. I told him, “I’m sorry no.” I did but I was t going to stop in the intersection and do it…

Let’s go back up to the beauty of Sonoma. The vineyards are full of autumn colors and the bus loads of wine lovers on their ideal vacations have slowed down. This for me would be the time to show up here rather than when it’s incredibly hot during the summer months but that’s just me. October is the best time to live in wine country! This too will pass

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