You Just Never Know…

Yesterday was interesting to say the least, my company truck started to show its age and it acted up. As I was depressing the parking brake on this steep hill, I heard a loud metallic snapping sound. The prem tech standing next to me yelled out, “You’re rolling! You’re rolling! Brake!” With both feet on the brake, I barely kept the truck from rolling further down the hill. The prem tech went to all six wheels and put chock blocks under each to stop the truck from rolling. I remarked, “That was close!” He agreed.

As I waited for the tow truck to come and get me, I counted my blessings that he had been near me when the brakes failed. It never takes more than 45 minutes for the tow company to show up; The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company gives them a lot of business. The driver was the usual guy who wears grimy gray overalls and an oversized cross around his neck. He hooked up the truck to his big rig tow truck and off we headed back to the garage…

I asked him about the upcoming election and what he thought of the whole mess. He said, “God is my leader. I’ll let him govern me.” I sat there looking at his numerous crosses, statues and picture of Jesus. That’s when we stopped at a light and there it was, a billboard against Proposition 60, the people who don’t want the porn industry to be required to make their actors to use condoms. Quietly he said, “I like my porn raw!” That statement alone from him freaked me out. I kept my mouth shut the rest of the trip back to the garage… This too will pass

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