God is That You?

Five years ago I met my friend Mr. Burke at the local pizza parlor in the town of Penngrove. He was a heavy set man with perfectly coiffed gray hair wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie. At that time he was working for a ritzy limo service taking his guests on wine tours. His specialty was taking people not to the run of the mill wineries around here but to high end locations where you ring the gate bell and five minutes later someone answers, “Is this the party of five from Tokyo we’ve been expecting?”

Mr. Burke was the same gentleman who slipped on my property and dislocated his shoulder that fateful afternoon. I drove him to the emergency room where they drugged him up and proceeded to put his shoulder back in place. I reported the incident to my insurance company and they could say was, “We’ll cut him a token check for 1000 dollars.” Thousands upon thousands of dollars, out of his own pocket, did he finally get better. He lost his job and never was able to work again. 

For years after the incident, I thought he’d sue me but he didn’t.  Over the years, he and I would share a phone call every so often. He’d call and say, “Did I tell you about the priest and the rabid dog?” He has the ability to tell the funniest jokes and he never messes up the punchline. 

Yesterday, as I was at the post office picking up my mail, a man with a big while beard and long white hair kept looking at me funny. He kept silent and followed me around with his eyes. I finally said, “Do you know me?” He replied, “You don’t say hello to your friends?” The second I heard his voice I said, “God.. I mean God it’s you. Have you come to take me?” We both laughed! He then said, “No my son. I’ll send for you this coming Wednesday.” We both laughed. It was actually good to see his face. This too will pass

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