How About A Contract?

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is buying Time Warner for a chunk of pocket change. No wonder we on the west coast are working without a union contract. You would have thought after buying IndirectTV, they would let their credit card cool down a bit. Handel Stevenson has big plans for the company I work for…

“How about a raise buddy?” Forty something an hour is break even when working around these here parts. (I’m talking Texan) I just checked my health open enrollment app and it says I’ll be paying more for my medical coverage. Our dental plan is a joke, it covers toothpaste, a brush and floss. Now management wants to limit our double time and take away our paid meal periods! I’m sitting at this Peet’s Coffee waiting for the clock to run out on double time (Shhh! I’m taking my lunch.) 

Eighty-five billion dollars can buy a lot of ice cream. We used to have Ice Cream Friday’s, no we didn’t those but we did have a sense of worth working here. This was once was a great job before the bean counters showed up and made us feel less than. I swear, every few months they install a new GPS system in our trucks. They do that with the hope to get one more job out of us in a day… This too will pass

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