Love Makes The World Go Around…

My first job was relatively easy,  the customer’s drop wire had the chew marks of a squirrel’s teeth on it. I quickly boomed up and replaced the chewed wire. I was done within 45 minutes and being that I had some time to kill, I made my way to the nearest Peets. I found a comfortable chair and I here I am crashed out for a while.

A couple of students from the school for the visually impaired  came in. The whole time they were standing in line, they laughed and giggled. When they got their drinks they sat down next to me. It was so cute how they fed each other their pastries. I swear, I  had a tear of joy in my eye seeing these two soul so happy and in love.

I find it amazing how The Cosmic Consciousness works and how it brings two people together. These two people deserve something good in their lives such as love after overcoming such adversity. This too will pass

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