Massage Parlour From Hell…

Usually a trouble ticket at a massage parlour is a treat, not today. The complaint was, “Line tests okay but customer hears noise.” After walking around for 20 minutes in the Asian Mall, I found an elevator which took me to the mezzanine level. I walked pass the marijuana dispensary guard screening the antsy clients and then past the vap shop.  

There it was, my customer! I walked in and an older man came up to me and said, “You want good girl or boy for your massage?” I replied, “Thanks but no thanks, I’m with The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company and I’m here to fix your phone.” He showed me this tired old phone, now remember the test said the line was ok. I unplugged his phone and showed him that it was his phone having problems… He then said, “I bought this phone three years ago. You fix my phone please!”

I said to myself, “You better make sure the line is good. Go to where it comes in the building and verify it’s working there.” After another twenty minutes of searching, I found the mall guard. Without fail, he was new to the job and hadn’t a clue where the main phone room was. He called around and finally got ahold of the property manager. Mr. Lee wasn’t a very nice man, he started to yell at the guard in Mandarin and then he said, “I very busy. No time for this.” He led us to the terminal and left cursing us both.

The young guard watched me work and then followed me back to the massage place where by that time, the owner had bought a new phone and he said, “I fixed it!” Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t on our wire plan and my hour of wandering around was billable. I told him such and he wasn’t happy either. He said, “You go now. I fixed my own phone thank you.” This too will pass

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