My Next Door Neighbor…

Toonce was getting cabin fever and demanded to be let out. As I opened the door, my roommate stopped in his tracks and inspected the rain and only then jumped down, he immediately headed under the RV. I left the door open so he could get back in and reminded him, “Toonce please stay dry. When you’ve had enough please go inside.”

Knowing Toonce wasn’t going to listen to me, he rarely does. At one point he had enough of being wet so he hopped back in. I walked up to the start of the paved road to head to work and as I opened the door to the car, there she was. I softly said, “Hi dear! Are you trying to stay dry?” The deer just stood there silently watching me. She watched me get in the car and I said, “Go back to what you were doing.” This too will pass

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