Can I Get A Snuggle From You…

I’ve said some stupid things in my life before but this take the cake. With all the rain and mud recently, I’ve had to do my laundry a little more often. I got up and told Toonce, “I’ll be back. Watch the place.” I walked out the door with my basket of grungy clothes and detergent. It was just as I was throwing my clothes in the dryer that I realized I forgotten the box of fabric softener sheets.

There in one of the roll around basket carts near me was a box of Snuggle sheets, I equated them to the little Hispanic woman watching her multiple loads of laundry spinning around. I turned to her and asked her in Spanish, “Can I buy a Snuggle from you?” She responded, “No puedo soy casado.” (I can’t I’m married.) I pointed to the box of fabric softener sheets and we both laughed… Thankfully her husband wasn’t around. This too will pass

20 thoughts on “Can I Get A Snuggle From You…

  1. That’s hilarious! My best was when I ran into a young man who used to play soccer at the indoor center where I and my children played. When he spoke to me, it took me a few minutes. I finally said “oh. I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!”
    We both turned as red as beets.

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  2. Years ago I was in a Mexican Bakery and picked a few pastries, I asked the clerk in Spanish if she had a small cajita (box) She got upset until the owner said “He would like a box.” Everyone laughed..


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