Kill Them Faster or Not At All…

The State of California hasn’t put anyone to death recently at San Quentin’s death house. In two weeks, the voters will decide if that changes. Personally, I’m against the death penalty but that’s just me. Most supporters of the death penalty want revenge, no they won’t say it but they do. It’s the old eye for an eye principle in effect. Mahatma Gandhi said it best, “It leaves leaves everyone blind.”

In Roman Times, the condemned were tortured to death and it was a real show not to be missed. Now we inject our condemned with silent chemicals with only a few spectators in attendance yet really what has changed? Nothing. Prior to the execution, the public is reminded of what crime the condemned person was convicted of. The notable crime is usually long forgotten by most but things continue on.

Maybe there is no rehabilitation for most people on death row but why are we so caught up in killing? The Bible speaks of forgiving the trespasses against others, I guess murder doesn’t count… Don’t think I don’t care about the victims, I do. How about locking the convicted murderer in a house with those people the victim left behind. Twenty-four seven seeing their grief and emptiness would drive most men mad with guilt but wait we are a society against pain and suffering… This too will pass

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