You’re Staying In Buddy!

When I told Toonce that it would be an indoor day today he meowed, “I don’t mind the rain.” The weather people say it’s going to pour in Sonoma, up to 3 inches in the coming days. It wasn’t going to start till the afternoon but as I’m laying here, I hear already the soft tapping above me. Last night I took the chance and drove to the bottom of the hill, hopefully I can get out.

It’s 7:14 and it’s still dark out and by 6:30 this evening it will be dark again. Thankfully the company has disbanded our 1pm to 9 shift as of this coming Sunday and more of my working hours will be in the light. Trust me, it’s no fun walking in someone’s nasty backyard in the rain let alone in the dark. I’m not complaining, I’m just tired and maybe rainy days do get me down. 

Toonce may not know it but he’s a blessed cat. I saw a stray feline in my travels yesterday and thought, “You poor little cat. Stay dry. No cat likes wet fur.” Come to think of it,  I don’t feel so bad about Toonce spending the day sleeping on a soft bed… This too will pass

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