San Pablo…

There are some real miserable parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, this one of them. I can attest to the fact that, San Pablo on a rainy day seems to be more unpleasant and miserable than on a dry day. Miles and miles of urban squalor bounded by cancer causing refineries, noisy freeways and toxic chemical plants. There are no good neighborhoods of San Pablo and what makes this city almost worse is it’s stench from God knows what.

Yesterday, I was sent there for a day of fun and good times. Did I say good times? I meant, a long eight hour day of avoiding barking guard dogs and squawking roosters. I might be wrong but the population of roosters and chickens living in backyards equals the inhabitants of this hell hole. I’ve never been there at sunrise but I can only imagine how noisy it can be.

When it comes to dining in San Pablo, there’s only one place to eat, Pollo Loco. It’s that fast food chicken chain where families have their Sunday dinners at and the drive thru is backed up around the corner. Wait, there are a couple of grungy taco joints where the menu is usually hand painted on a sheet of plywood and nailed to the exterior of the restaurant, “Taccos and other god food hear!” Yes, if I get sent there today I’ll just sit in my truck and cry before I jump out and avoid the rain… This too will pass

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