3500 Dollars a Month…

My last job of the day was at this overpriced apartment in Emeryville. It was a year ago, I asked the manager how much a studio was going for and she said, “We have a cute one overlooking the train tracks for 2600 while our one bedrooms are going for much more!” I thought to myself,  “So for 2600 dollars I can hear the trains rumble by twenty-four hours a day, horns blaring.”

I needed the key to get in the phone terminal, I knocked on the office door. “Hi. I’m hooking up service in 326. Can I get the phone room key?” She pleasantly replied, “Come back tomorrow. We are closing.”  A young couple were finishing up their rental agreement. The manager said, “Ok that’s about it. I just need your check for 8000 for first, last and the 1000 deposit.” As I was walking out I caught up to the couple and cheerfully said, “Hope you enjoy Emeryville!” They both replied, “Now we need to find ourselves jobs!” This too will pass

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