Hey! Hey! Hey!

Now I’ve heard it all! Bill Cosby’s team of lawyers are now saying Jello-Pop Bill is blind and being that he’s impaired, the case against him should be thrown out because he can’t defend himself properly against charges of drugging and sexually assaulting women. Talk about the ultimate joke pulled from his book of jokes…

I never liked Bill Cosby and I always thought there was more to him than that laugh and “little old me” cuteness he portrayed to his audience. The truth is, he’s turning out to be a real piece of work. I wonder back when he was sexually assaulting his victims, did he tell them, “I’ll deny I did it and if that doesn’t work, I’ll say I’m too sick to be put on trial. No one will believe you anyway,  I’m Loveable Bill Cosby.”

If he had any honor he should finish himself off with a vial of cyanide but he won’t because he’s truly a coward. No, he’ll continue blaming his victims for his behavior. The ironic thing is, there are people still willing to pay to see him do his act. I wonder if he’ll walk out on stage with a white and red cane and a service dog as props? This too will pass

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