They don’t usually send us to the land of the well healed but with all the recent rain, they had no choice. I would rather work in the land of manicured lawns versus the land of dog infested muddy yards. In Moraga, no one throws their garbage out of their cars, I can’t say the same for San Pablo.

My next job was in the older section of Concord California, a bit of a drive. It’s always fun to see new scenery so it really didn’t matter how far it was. I pulled up to the ranch style house and there to meet me was the prem tech. He called out, “That tree is around the  pole. Can you reach the strand and terminal.” I replied, “I can but I’ll need to use my saw.” A few minutes later and after some serious tree trimming he was able to climb the pole. 

The duty supervisor asked if I wanted to start at 10am and 9 am tomorrow. I quickly said, “Sure.” What he doesn’t know is, I’ve been on double time since yesterday. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company won’t go broke, they’ll make it up somewhere. They just spent 85,000,000,000 to buy another company… This too will pass

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